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My name is Naeem Joseph.  I’m an entrepreneur and direct marketer who specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses get maximum results out of every dollar they spend on marketing. so they can GROW – INNOVATE – and PROFIT more rapidly. If your marketing is not:

  • Making you money
  • Being executed effectively
  • Increasing your business profit margins
  • Increasing net profit and cash flow

And your ADVERTISING is not:

  • Measurable and profitable
  • Getting your message communicated
  • Full of good ideas, but not producing
  • your SALESPEOPLE are underperforming

and you are looking for the right marketing professional to help you increase sales, cash flow, profit margins, net profit and working capital, you’ve come to the right place. For the last four years, I’ve been helping small Business owners just like you to installed, implemented and executed our marketing system to exponentially grow their business, my mission and commitment is to empower small and medium sized business owners with the right marketing system to explode their business growth and maximize profit while spending less on marketing.

My path to become a profit extraction specialist became clear at an early age. Back in the summer of 1990 when I was only 11 years old, I started helping my uncle to run a small movie theater he had. We started off playing just one movie a day, then, people wanted to watch more movies. We added 2 more showings the following week and we increase our profit by 3x more.

Now, we were hooked, the question became what else can we do to increase profits. We started to experiment with the pricing structure and the showing times and we increased profits by another 3x. As our profit margins continue to increased, we kept asking one question that has allowed our business to continue to grow exponentially and that question was, how can we continue to improve our customer experience to maximize profit? That question has led us to provide a lot of different products and services that we wouldn’t have provided had we not tried to increase our customer experience.

I was only 11 years old at the time, but that experience left a good impression on me. At that very tender age, I learned something extremely valuable. The sales are never over until your customers said so, which mean, as long customers are buying, you are selling.

Now that doesn’t mean, you should try to push your customers to buy more stuff, they do not need, but rather more stuff that can improve their buying experience. I went on to help my uncle the next 3 consecutive summers and each summer we were able to double the amount of money we made the previous summer.

When I left my native land of Haiti at the age of fifteen to come to the United States, I was certain I was going to make a million dollars in no time giving that I already learned how to maximize profits. Little did I know it would take me years of studying, working with business owners and running my own business to discover a system to help me do exactly that…have an X-ray vision that give me the ability to look at any business and find out where they are not maximizing profits.

Here’s what a few clients had to say about the impact our system had on their business:

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When you decide to let zoom into your business with my X-ray goggle vision, you too can experience similar results.

What lights me up about this work is knowing that I’m empowering small and medium sized business owners like yourself with the right marketing system to create predictable GROWTH – IMPROVEMENTS and EXTRACT MORE PROFIT from their business, so they can work less and make more.

We look and views marketing in a fashion that is different from most marketing consultants or firms. That is, we focuses on leveraging all hidden marketing within the company. This mean that an internal and external marketing system is set up on better utilization of marketing assets, ie. Owners’ talents, clients or customer base, business relationship with vendors, suppliers, and other complementary businesses, current sales staff, employees, current and past marketing projects that worked etc…

These assets become reclaimed and redeployed. This redeployment creates new streams of revenue and profit. Best of all, we GUARANTEED our performance. The guarantee is such that all fees paid to us for the implementation of the system will be covered in increases, or we’ll continue to implement the system at no cost until the fees are covered.

This means there is no risk to you the business owner.

You can feel confident engaging us to guide you and your organization to solve your business growth problems.

In the past seven months, my unusual,
non-traditional marketing concepts
earned my clients over
$4.3 million dollars

Our marketing system is unique in that it focuses on helping companies grow without to spend more money on advertising. Our system establishes a basis for growth in three areas:

  1. Increase in the number of prospective customers
  2. Increase in the conversion rate of prospective customers to paying customers each customer
  3. Increase in the average value of each customer.

Where as traditional marketing (advertising) focuses only on the increase of prospective customers and because of the fact that, our marketing system works on growing all three areas of your business, the chances of real GROWTH are greatly increased.

If your business is…

  • Enduring slow growth, stagnant or declining sales and profits
  • Draining cash flow with underperforming advertising or marketing mistakes
  • Growing just enough to stay with inflation
  • Losing customers to competition
  • Making you work 50 – 80 hours a week in your business so you can’t work on your business
  • not helping you realize your dream of financial independence
  • having to play the price and coupon game to compete – Killing profits!
  • Threatened with survival in a difficult economy
  • Doing pretty well but you feel it could be much better


Getting a fast start towards turning things around and accelerating your business growth is just only minutes away.